What is Narcos All About?

Some people are called narcissists.
This applies to people that are infatuated with themselves.

 In the TV shows, there are people called “narcosts”.
This applies to people that are fans of the TV show Narcos.
After watching Narcos, I became a “narcost” as well. 


As the name of the show suggests, the hit series is about drugs: lots of them. 

The show is about a notorious drug lord and his drug cartel. 


The sensational Netflix original series is based on true events.
It’s the kind of gripping show that will keep you on your toes.

The show may shock you at times, but overall, the unpredictable twists will keep you glued to the screen. 



The story is set in the 80’s when drugs were starting to run all over the world. 

There was a drug lord that sensationalized the world. 

His name was Pablo Escobar. The moment he started dealing Cocaine, things started to open up for him. 

As his organization grew larger, the drug war becomes more fierce. 

Is there an end to the hunt for Pablo Escobar?


Who’s It For?

・You’re a sucker when it comes to series that are based on real-life events

・You’re drawn to the 80’s 

・You like series that are realistic

・You like series that are all chaotic and about surviving

・You secretly want to become a “narcost”( a huge fan of Narcos)


What Makes Narcos So Good 

The show revolves a drug war set in South America.
In the world of Narcos, drugs are more valuable than people. 

If you’re going to watch the show, brace yourself for a lot of blood. 


What makes the show interesting is that at times, the show can seem like it’s built up to be a documentary, but at other times, it has the essence of a thriller. 


Once you start watching Narcos, there won’t be a single moment you’ll get bored.

The show creates a sense of tense, scary unpredictability.

Not only does the show focus on Escobar as a drug lord, it also recounts him as a husband and a father. 


Drugs, cocaine in particular, also play an important part of the show.

A lot of shows include drug scenes, but as Escobar was one of the world’s biggest drug traffickers, you’ll be seeing drug scenes like you never have before. 


Everything about this show is absolutely sensational.

The big-budget production is not scared at all to shock its viewers, which is why this show won’t be for everyone.

You’ll either love it and get completely hooked or hate it. 


Pablo the genius

Pablo Escobar is one smart guy, which is obviously why he was able to make it as a drug lord.

You can really tell from his lines and plotting abilities how street smart he was. 



As his drug cartel grows larger, more problems start to arise.
There will be a lot of betrayal and conspiracy.

While Narcos may seem more like an action/thriller show, it does focus heavily on the psychological aspects of Escobar as a person.

Nothing is ever black or white, there is so much more to a person below the surface. 

Everybody has their own battles, even if you’re Pablo Escobar. 


I heard somewhere that the definition of a gangster is a charismatic member belonging to a violent group. 

Even though he looks like a middle-aged man with a beer belly, Pablo Escobar is definitely a hardcore gangster. 


Narcos Fierce drama

Narcos will blow your mind in every way possible. 
What can I say, the show has a riveting plot, portrayal of violence, and great actors. 


Making a show about a sensitive topic like drugs must have been very risky for Netflix, but I think they made the right call by creating high content catered for people that are into thrilling stories.


I think it was a wise business decision and I bet if Pablo Escobar was here, he’d be saying “Well, if you asked a different production company to create the show that would’ve been a loss of money.”  


If you have some time on your hands, why not watch the violent battles between the Medellin cartel and the DEA from the comfort of your peaceful house.


Narcos Trailer

Narcos | Season 1 Official Trailer


Narcos | Season 2 Official Trailer


Narcos | Season 3 Official Trailer