Riverdale TV series  What is Recommended

“A wolf in sheep’s clothing.”
You may have heard this expression being used in TV series or movies before.
What does it mean, again?


A person who appears harmless but actually is evil!
That means, he or she is very different from how they appear on the surface.


Riverdale, the TV series I am to introduce this time is about a rural town which appears to be perfectly quiet and peaceful.
But despite the image, darkness and mysteries lie beneath this town.

Truly “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Riverdale: Foul passions in disguise of innocent appearance.
It’s like a young man with white teeth in a white shirt who appears perfectly pleasant but constantly thinks about indecent affairs with a bunch of girls beneath his facade.


Although Riverdale appears to be just another TV series about high school students and mysteries in a rural town, it is not how it seems and will betray your expectations.



The story takes place in the peaceful rural town of Riverdale.
A high school student is believed to have been killed by accident.
But it wasn’t an accident.


He was killed by someone!
This triggers the surfacing of what was beneath this peaceful town.
The incident changes the lives of Riverdale High School students.


Who is the killer?
What’s beneath Riverdale?
The mysteries are for you to solve.

Recommended Audience

If you think…”Mystery in a rural town? It’s got to be good!”
If you love school themed stories.
If you think characters are the most important element to a TV series.
If you enjoy watching intricate human relationships.
If you desire to live in a town with an amazing river view.


Attraction for all generations

“I don’t know what to talk about with my kids!”

Parents with teenage children commonly have this issue.
When you are the parent, let’s watch Riverdale together!
It could solve your problems.

Because this is an almighty TV series made for all generations to enjoy viewing.
There are various contrivance here and there for every viewer.


At first glance, it does seem to target only the younger generation.
However, there are some intriguing elements for the older generation.
Casting for instance.

If you are of the generation in which “Beverly Hills, 90” was popular, you might get hooked on this series.
Luke Perry, the show’s stud Dylan, acts in one of the main roles.
Though of course, he is not a high school student…

This is only a tip of the iceberg.
There is more in this series to pique viewers’ interests.
But those are the surprises for you to discover.


Just because the main characters are mostly teenagers does not mean they are its only target.  With the abovementioned factors, this is a TV series that you can enjoy with your teens or with your parents.

Nicely done, creators!

The story of Riverdale is like “Twin Peaks” in a school theme.


If you love watching foreign TV series, you might be familiar with “Twin Peaks.”
It’s one of the leading TV series out there right now and which is just airing its newest season.
Actually, there are several things that both series have in common.

Both titles are named after existing towns.
Both portray the darkness beneath a peaceful rural locale.
The characters are irresistible.

Of course, it doesn’t mean Riverdale is emulating Twin Peaks.
It carries its own originality and tells a unique story.

The characters you cannot resist.

“Characters are everything when it comes to comics!”
This is comics editors’ pet phrase which is true not only for comics.
In fact, there is a TV series which carries this into actual practice.

That’s right, it’s Riverdale.
Riverdale is based on comic books and there are many appearing characters that viewers can empathize with.

This is actually such an incredible achievement as even though there are tons of comic writers aspiring to create interesting characters every day, coming up with such characters is one of the hardest part of the creation.
On the other hand, it’s not too much to say that you would be in for smooth sailing if you are successful at creating such characters.
They might have improved characters when they adapted it to a TV series.
Anyway, the greatness of the characters cannot be overstated.

The teen characters are especially good.
Even just the little correspondences are good.
It’s like they are entertainers in disguise as high school students.
I have never seen such students before when I was in school.
Following your favorite characters and enjoying their behavior is another way to enjoy this series.
As a matter of fact, this is how I enjoyed watching it as well.
It made me want to be a high school student again.

Grownups with secrets.
Youngsters that are tossed about by the grownups.
Everything happening in Riverdale leads the town into destructive darkness.

It sounds a bit complicated but, it is easy to watch.
It is not too dense or intricate.
Riverdale is for all generations to enjoy.

This summer, why don’t you join the Riverdale crew and cool off on hot restless nights?