What is ‘SHADOWHUNTERS: The Mortal Instruments’?

‘Lurking within the shadows awaiting to strike the evil…We are the SHADOWHUNTERS!’

Whilst the title may have you imagining the main characters saying such Power Ranger-like signature line throughout the series, you will be relieved to know, the show is nothing of that sort.

‘Shadowhunters’ are a bloodline of half human half angel warriors that slay demons to protect humans. And in short, the drama is a story centered around these Shadowhunters and their fight to rule over evil.   



If you are thinking, ‘So why not just call them Demonhunters instead?’, you have a point.

But considering there are many intended holes in the story itself, it makes you wonder if maybe the creators were wanting you to pick up on this point to catch your attention.



As the intended holes may suggest, ‘SHADOWHUNTERS’ is not a serious but a light and upbeat action-adventure story.

Although works of this genre tend to weigh more on the essence of love than action, this equation is reversed with ‘SHADOWHUNTERS’. Being more action dominate, it is structured to satisfy even the hot blooded males. After all, it is only male instinct to urge a fight.



Also, whilst it primarily targets the young audience, ‘SHADOWHUNTERS’ is a dark fantasy drama enjoyable to elder viewers too.

‘The Mortal Instruments’ which the series is loosely based on, sold a total of 35 million copies worldwide making it a major best seller. On the contrary of claiming to be in the ‘shadows’, the TV series stands in the spot light, aka Netflix.   



On her 18th birthday, ordinary college student, Clary finds out an earthshaking secret making her not so ordinary.

She learns she is not human, nor is the world a place only for humans.


Not only does she find her mother kidnapped but finds herself targeted too.

Luckily for Clary, she is saved by a young man whom belongs to the non-human kindred, Shadowhunter.


Amid being perplexed with discovering she herself is one of the Shadowhunters, Clary deep dives into the fierce fight with the demons.
All to save her dearest mother.              



・Prefer to light-heartedly watch Supernatural, Dark Fantasy

・Feel no need for over emphasis on the love-theme

・Welcome a lot of Action

・Request hot main casts friendly to the eyes

・Want to learn the arts of a straight man   


Backstage Talents hidden in the ‘Shadow’

‘Triumph over the outcomes of a movie through a TV series’

Lately, this has become a common pattern often seen when starting TV shows.

But trying to make up for the unsatisfactory movie ratings by arranging it into a TV series is not necessary a bad thing because it means everyone in the show starts off with very high spirit.



‘SHADOWHUNTERS’ was also made into a film before becoming a TV series.

Unfortunately the contents was unfavorable to many and the ratings seemed to have been low worldwide.

Like that of Clary, the team stayed persistent in playing the Johnson to one’s Chesterfield and this passion seems to have paid off. It seems fair to claim they have successfully triumphed over.



Vampires, warlocks, demons, werewolves, fairies… a crowd of such ’non-human badasses’ (in the most positive way) build a mystical and intriguing world. Its chaos makes their world almost seem like an amusement park for the dark!

However, it is not overfilling. The show’s light tone is easy to watch requiring little strain on your brain.

On another point, this does allow it to lack reality at times though.



Nonetheless, you can sense a lot of determination in getting the details just right to build up their unique world.

An example of this is the drama’s usage of jargon. To start off with, instead of simply referring to ordinary people as ‘humans’, they call them ‘mundane’. It may make you want to complain but it is all part of their fixation.

Of course, don’t worry about not knowing these jargons! Because like you, Clary is very new with it all too so she will ask the Shadowhunters everything the viewer wish to know.


Delicate, Dainty Teen, She’s Not

The main character Clary is an 18 year old girl.

If a teenager were to watch the show, she is a very easy character to relate too.

Of course, you do not need to be a teenager to like her.


However, for those whom are a loving father of a daughter, you should be warned.

Clary is a girl in the midst of adolescence going a little overboard with the rebellious stage.



The parent-aged viewers need to keep in mind, teenagers are delicate whom need to be handled in a certain way.

If you watch with the eyes of a father, you may end up worrying about other things than the plot like,

‘Clary, don’t do that!’,

‘Clary, don’t hang out with weird guys!’,


‘Clary, put on some decent clothes!’.

You could say, this is just how absorbed one can become with the show. And whilst it may not be the creator’s intentions, maybe enjoying the show through a fatherly perspective could shine light to another element to the show.



All casts of ‘Shadowhunters’ have exquisite looks.

You can be sure the creators knew that to get the young audience’s attention, looks was everything!

Their perfect figures will have anyone hooked.

But keep in mind there is no point comparing yourself with them, because they are not human. They are the ‘Shadowhunters’!



High-minded, refined drama winning famous prizes are great.

But, shows devoted purely on entertaining are great to watch too.



Lately, many American-comic based shows and films like those of Marvel have really being pushing on the ‘reality’ element. And as the result, very high quality products have been born.

However, for some this high quality gives them slight pressure in needing to watch the product with the same amount of devotion. You need to be committed to watch it.



If you are thinking,

‘I want to lay back and light-heartedly watch a supernatural dark fantasy show’.

‘SHADOWHUNTER’ is the answer to such request.


The numerous intended holes throughout the series even seems like it’s shouting out ‘Don’t worry over details while you’re young’.

So, for those whom are getting interested, ‘SHADOWHUNTER’ may be the thing to remove the dark ‘shadow’ hidden in your heart.